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Hello Escondido!


Do you want to get in the Best Shape of your Life?

Are you ready to join our Fit Family and workout in a safe and welcoming Environment?

Well, you have found your new workout buddies. 

We offer several different ways to get going.....

  1. Ready to join now? Here's our "CURRENT MEMBERSHIP RATE"

  2. Not quite sure what we're all about and want to give it a try? Here's our "WEEKLY RATE" or "DAILY RATE" to give it a shot! 

  3. Do you already belong to a "Big Box Gym" or are not planning on attending 3-5 days a week? Then our "PUNCH CARD" may be the way to go!

  4. And finally if you're traveling to the area and want to join us for the day, then our "DAY PASS" will work!