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What is Personal Training? 

​Our Personal Training takes you to the next level. You will get one on one training which will help our Coaches focus on your form and apply corrections. We will provide a plan for Nutrition to achieve your overall FitnessGoals.

Remember, if you want to get even BETTER RESULTS, you need to know your Macros. We charge a one time $50 to calculate your Macros and get you on track with our Resources, Recipes, and Sample Meal Plan.


What is Included?

  • InBody Scan

  • Macros

  • Body Measurements

  • Before/After Photos


How Much?

One on one personal training


Members:   $65/hr

2-person training:

Members: 2 people- $100/hr


10x training sessions paid in full Member $600​​

Any questions? Call or text (760)481-5555.

Let’s Work Together

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